Physiotherapy is our passion and we love our profession.

What drives us is to support you in your learning process, to become your guide, helping hand, partner, colleague, base of trust and possibly friend during your physio education and throughout your career.  Our ambition is to make your life as a physio student or practitioner as easy as possible!

We are inspired by our belief that we can contribute to a better physiotherapeutic education all over the world – especially in countries in which people don’t have access to high-quality education or where they cannot afford it. Every student we can reach counts!

We truly care about your progress and want to be involved in your journey, also because through your challenges, questions and feedback in turn, we can improve and become better physios, teachers and entrepreneurs ourselves.

Let’s grow together!

Andreas Heck & Kai Sigel



Physiotherapy is our passion and we love our profession.

This e-book is an overview and a guideline combining our own clinical expertise, the latest research and the Physiotutors YouTube videos. It aims to provide the interested reader and followers on our various social media platforms with more in-depth background on research and statistical properties of all clinical tests that are covered on our YouTube channel, while providing a more structured overview for different areas of the body.


Maximum recovery – maximum performance.